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Frequently Asked Questions
Can larger birds fit within the bird nest?

The bird's nest entrance measures around two inches in diameter. It works best with little birds, such as budgies. Ideal for pet cages in many ways.

How useful are your pet items for my pet? and security?

completely natural coconut shell, making it 100% safe and non-toxic. The product's high quality makes it the ideal Eco friendly birdhouse and bird toys for your feathered companion. Your bird's feet and beak will thank you for the variety of natural textures offered by the rough rope, wooden beads, and coconut fibers.

What is the durability of the handcrafted baskets?

Depending on maintenance, Cane baskets might last up to seven years. palm leave baskets might last up to five years and Banana fiber baskets last up to two years. Maintenance in the sense of a basket, free of wetness or keeping a basket dry. 

Did masala items are homemade? how long it will be good?

Every single masala item is carefully and proportionately homemade. It differs for the different products. The shelf life of each and every product is mentioned in the label clearly. Please, read it once before you order the products. 

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